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Yeah so I decided to waste my time making a page about my pirate & this is it! Selfish? No. Self-centered? Not really. Bored? Heck YES!

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The whole site is really an update for now, but expect some average pirate tutorials, graphics, some artsy stuff, eurm and yeah more stuff. =)

.:: Otherstuff ::.

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates is the brain child of Three Rings. Therefore MOST art is originally theres, what isn't is specified as to the owner. Screenies are still partial property of Three Rings as well as my own! Please ask before you copy my screenies, and are ONLY to be used with my permission. I did not take them for you to use, so please keep this in mind!

Don't know what Y!PP is? OMG you must click the banner then my friend!

Puzzle Pirates

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